Friday, February 18, 2011


There it is.
The first grocery shopping trip total since I started this. It's funny (in a scary way) how I need to retrain my brain in order to assign food it's proper value. Farmers, on average, get one cent back on every dollar their food brings in and growing organically is expensive. Looking at it that way, the amount I spent on produce seems like a downright steal.

As far as the food purchased, I can't vouch that everything currently sitting in our fridge is organic. The produce all is (thanks New Season's for your clear labeling). So is my lemon ginger juice, and the olive oil, and my oatmeal. As is the half and half for Ed's coffee, the yogurt for breakfast, and cheese for our pizza. But what about the tasty adzuki bean chips or the tempeh or the cider or the gluten free pizza crust? Those, I don't know. And as far as local is concerned, I haven't begun to attempt to scale that Everest of a topic.

109.34 divided between two people is just a bit over 50 bucks and this should sustain us for at least a week.   And this is another thing! All this food we just brought back could (and needs to) sustain some families for a month or more, and here I am in my comfy Ikea chair kvetching about a grocery bill that's 100+ and listing all the tasty, nutritious stuff I get to consume.

Ew Caitlin, just... EW.

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