Monday, February 28, 2011

MM #3: boysetsfire, billy bragg, and "story of stuff"

This "out of the loop" has been out of the loop; my apologies. I don't really have an excuse aside from "I didn't wanna" and you know, I still don't wanna today. But I will.

Recently I've been feeling a bit "blah". Back in the same ol' same ol', if you will. We're slowly making out way through the last of grocery items that don't really fit into our plan and overall I just feel like nothing has really changed and that I myself am not changing. It seems like a lot is hinging on the future. I start sentences with "well when I'm work full time on the farm..", or "when we have our own house..."etc, and I  hate it. I'm pinning what I want in the present with what I'll hopefully have in the future, and that's not proactive at all since I may have nothing in the future. Who knows?

Basically I've been feeling the need for a reboot so I'm turning to two different artists to get that jolt. Today's Mentionable Monday is proud to present:
#1: The year, 2002. The place, Santa Cruz. The characters, a 20 year old Caitlin and one of her best friends, Renee. The band, BoySetsFire. An intelligent, political, and rage-fueled band that I fell immediately and hard in love with. They're "emo" only in the sense that they're anything but emotionless about what they sing about and who they are. Even though their status as a band is on again off again, and I am no longer the pierced, dyed, black-clad scamp I once was, I still put their music on (and put it on LOUD) when I need a reminder of why being involved is crucial. Check out their albums "After the Eulogy" and "Tomorrow Come Today".

Bathory's Sainthood from Tomorrow Come Today:

Rookie from After the Eulogy:

#2: The Story of Stuff. This is just an excellent lesson and a great summary of why I'm trying to do what I'm doing and what we, as a nation, need to focus on.

#3: Billy Bragg. This man is amazing. You don't know his stuff? Educate yourselves! I think he's especially relevant to Americans currently given what's happening in Wisconsin. I'd write more but I'm late for class. Just know this. Billy Bragg= punk rock in the truest meaning.

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  1. We need to do another dinner ASAP - we are so in the same boat it's not even funny. You know how some people have workout buddies to keep each other motivated? Yeah, we'll be green buddies. I mean, we can be workout buddies too- since I still have my 24hr membership and all...but primarily green focus. I mean really - I know that fast food is horrendous for my insides, and I still drove thru BV this morning. We gotta keep each other in check, girlfriend.