Monday, February 21, 2011

MM #2

Confession: I had a Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte and I had frozen yogurt with reese's cups AND reese's cereal. Not at the same time of course (ew). But that's about as far from "organic" and "non-processed" as you can get. So what happened? Catastrophic event? Horribly stressful day? No and nope. Just your average PMSy type f-it-all day which often results in the consumption of gross things.
And you know, if I was only considering the pleasure center of my brain, I could easily say that the latte and yogurt were delicious. That it was just a fine experience and that I would gladly have both again. Thank you sir and may I have some more and all that.
But just considering my brain's pleasure center isn't good enough anymore. When we do that we become the most basic versions of humans (aka: teenagers) and we make choices that aren't sustainable or compassionate or even logical.  We're just part of the process, another consumptionbot, and not a person anymore.

So for today's Mentionable Monday, the two things I'm suggesting aren't books or movies or organizations, but rather two simple things we can do that keep us connected, honest, and kind.

(1) Take a walk. Not a stroll through your local Target, and no, walking down the drive to collect your mail doesn't count either. I'm talking about at least a mile. Go out, reconnect with your neighborhood, or find a path around a lake, or through a wildlife refuge. Go somewhere with trees and birds. Remember nature? Yes, she's still there.

(2) Have a dinner party with friends. I maintain that cooking with/for others and eating with them is one of the sincerest forms of expressing love. It doesn't have to be fancy but it does have to be full of joy. So go to your market, find your organic ingredients, and invite over those whom you love. I promise, nothing else will make you feel more sated.

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